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Blockchain Technology Summit
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Technology Corner

The technology corner is used to share the latest blockchain technology-related news and updates.

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Article A brief description
Blockchain Explained as an Elevator Pitch A succinct, 100-word explanation of how blockchains work and what they do.
Truth about Blockchain A framework for executives to figure out where to start building their organizational capabilities for blockchain today.
Blockchain Explained Infographic-rich overview of blockchain technology, applications, markets, security, scalability, and use-cases.
Blockchain Explained Overview of blockchain, its relation to bitcoin, its benefits, target industries, and a likely adoption timeline.
Economics of the Blockchain The authors use economic theory to discuss how blockchain technology can shape innovation and competition in digital platforms by identifying two key costs affected by the technology: the cost of verification and the cost of networking.
Blockchain- Relaunching the World, the Wide, the Web Premises for a sustainable and decentralized world wide web and the role of blockchains.
Blockchain and IoT A three-part series that studies the practical applications and economic benefits of using blockchain with distributed IoT networks.
Blockchains Getting Hacked A look at how the seemingly unhackable blockchains are getting hacked.
Blockchain 50 A list of billion-dollar companies currently leading the way in adapting decentralized ledgers to their operating needs. Includes details such as the distributed-ledger platform each company is using.
Why we are still years away from 'Security Tokens'? In recent month, a number of new projects launched with headlines touting the launch of a security token. The following examines the viability and efficacy of security tokens in the context of blockchain-based systems for the purpose of securities creation and handling.
The first ever USC Blockchain Hackathon taught us IOTA Every time we tell someone to build a product, especially on blockchain, people generally cannot see that happening due to usability or scalability issues. A bunch of students at USC, have documented their experience of solving a real-world problem during the Blockchain Hackathon at USC, showing the considerations and thought process that goes into when trying to come up with a product on existing Blockchains.
Blockchain Community

Blockchain Community

An outstanding opportunity for blockchain-related organizations and forums to share their activities with the blockchain community.

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Innovative Startups

Innovative Startups

Listing and highlights of the most innovative startups developing blockchain-based products and solutions.

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Technology Corner

Technology Corner

Blockchain technology-related news and updates from companies, universities and organizations.

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