2nd Blockchain Technology Summit | Exhibit | Workshop
(Due to UCI Covid schedule, new date will be available soon)

Summit & Exhibit Location:

UC Irvine – Calit2
4100 Calit2 Building
Irvine, CA 92697-2800

Exhibit & Reception Hours:

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Reception starts at 5:30 pm
Complimentary hors d'oeuvres


Self-paid parking at Anteater Parking Structure (APS), see map1 & see map2

Exhibit Pass Fee:

Free with advanced Exhibit Pass Registration
Blockchain Technology Summit
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Blockchain Technology Summit (BTS) is inviting industry technologists, executives, academics, professionals and highly innovative startups to participate in one of the following panels. If you are interested in participating in one of our exciting and informative panel discussions, please send your short bio and blockchain industry affiliation and/or research expertise to the BTS Technical Advisory Board at BTS@BlockchainTechnologySummit.com. For additional information and dates, please visit: Call for Speakers & Sponsors

Panel: Blockchain Applications - What are Blockchain’s Killer Apps?


Blockchain’s cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Libra) continue to capture everyone’s imagination and interest. Peer-to-peer exchanges and cross-border transactions look to a blockchain to save billions in verification costs. Banks, insurance, healthcare, automotive, supply chain and almost every other market segment is evaluating the use of a blockchain. Blockchain promises secure operations, reduced operating costs, speed, transparency and lower barriers to entry despite its inefficiencies and governance challenges.What applications can really benefit from a blockchain solution? This panel will examine the real-world experiences of blockchain-based applications in diverse vertical markets and applications. It will explore the attributes and advantages of leading-edge and innovative solutions that are creating a new economy that offers added advantages to end-users even as it lowers expenses for service providers.


Jan Young, Co-Founder, Prototopian Tech.

  1. Dale Chrystie, Business Fellow, Blockchain Strategist, FedEx, Chairman, BiTA Standards Council
  2. Tony Costa, Sr. Vice President, CIO, Bumble Bee Foods
  3. Carlos Calegari, Sr. Director Engineering, Wabtec
  4. Tram Vo, MOBI CCO & Founder
  5. Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management, Oracle Corporation
  6. Eric "The Coach" Bryant, Blockchain for Real Estate Solutions Design Architect, FIBREE - Southern Regional CA Chair

Panel: Blockchain Startups - Startups that will Rock the Blockchain Revolution


Blockchain’s challenges, uncertainties and opportunities are being celebrated and embraced by IoT, AI, machine learning and a host of new technologies that align and intersect. Startups continue to pour their innovation and genius into laying the foundations of tomorrow’s decentralized autonomous organizations. Blockchain startups aspire to provide solutions as diverse as the challenges and as rewarding as the results. They work to better meet the needs of each vertical market with innovative and game-changing applications that will transform each industry as we know it. What makes a startup successfully disrupt an established market? This panel will explore the journeys and experiences of innovative startups developing blockchain solutions for various applications and markets. It will examine the advantages and differentiation they offer their end-customers with a blockchain solution.


Farhad Mafie, Blockchain Technology Summit Chairman, President & CEO, Savant Company Inc., & Handycash AG

  1. Ben Taylor, CEO, LedgerDomain
  2. Chad Blickenstaff, Enterprise Resource Manager, Oracle
  3. Steve Ellis, Special Advisor, Agingo
  4. Parul Gujral, CEO, Snowball
  5. Saritta Hines, CEO, TrustaBit

Panel: Blockchain Security - Seven Years, 72 Breaches. Is Blockchain Secure?


Immutability, decentralization, consensus and cryptography support blockchain’s claims of security. At the same time, according to a study by MIT, there have been 72 publicly reported security breaches between 2011 and 2018. The very features that make a blockchain secure have been used in new and novel ways to expose its weaknesses. Financial and infrastructure service providers are upbeat about blockchain’s security but the security community continues to stand by its mantra that nothing is secure. How secure is the blockchain solution when compared to traditional systems? This panel will examine the realities of blockchain security and evaluate its potential to replace and enhance existing security mechanisms. It will go beyond the hopes and hypes to uncover the realities, challenges, applications and opportunities for security in a blockchain.


Farhad Mafie, Blockchain Technology Summit Chairman, President & CEO, Savant Company Inc., & Handycash AG

  1. Utpal Mangla, Vice President & Partner - Global Leader: Watson AI, IoT & Blockchain; Telecom Media & Entertainment Industry at IBM
  2. Joerg Roskowetz, Head of Blockchain Technology BU - Director Product Management Blockchain Technology, AMD
  3. Christian Kameir, Managing Partner of Sustany Capital
  4. Sneh Bhatt, Monarch CEO & Co-Founder
  5. Dr. Ashwini Rao, Security and Privacy Researcher
  6. Ziga Drev, Co-founder & Managing Director, Trace Labs - OriginTrail Core Developers
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